Thursday, October 6, 2016

Miracles on 192 Frontenac St.

This week, we decided to journey back in time to a time when miracles occurred! 

For the first activity, we sorted definitions about miracles in order of most to least importance and watched testimonial videos on people who had experienced miracles in their lives. The next semi-physical activity of the night required our members to choose sides of the room depending whether we think certain situations and scenarios (given on the little sheets of paper) are miracles.

Hilarious conversations and reasonings came up, and we all got to learn more about what it means for an event to be considered as a miracle!

As per our weekly cell tradition, we ended off the night with lovely singing from our members!

It's crazy to think that next week is already Week 5 of the school year, and we've only just started to settle in. Unfortunately we do not have a cell for this Friday, as Thanksgiving is around the corner... but we'll definitely be around NEXT Friday. Come visit us then! :)

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving from our little QCCC family!

Always thankful for the support and the love.