Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Taco Night Fever

On November 6th, QCCC held a taco dinner featuring yummy tortilla and taco shells at Newman House. It was a great way to bond together, especially with some laughs over dinner. After having consumed these filling creations, we headed over to participate in Night Fever. Don't we look excited?

After having walked over from Newman House we attended Night Fever, an event held at St. Mary's Cathedral. Night Fever is a drop-in open house event that invites people from all walks of life to come into St. Mary's Cathedral to light a candle to leave at the altar.

After placing a candle, they had the opportunity to listen to the lovely music playing within the Cathedral and the chance to discover God's mercy. It was a night full of moving testimonies, wonderful music and moments of personal reflection for all. After the event, there were plenty of baked goods and hot chocolate for all. Check out more pictures from the bight below.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

QCCC Goes to JU Local Visit 2015!

On Saturday, November 14th, several QCCC members made the journey to downtown Toronto for the annual JU local visit. This year, the event is hosted by UTCCC at the University of Toronto, St. George Campus. The overall turnout for all CCCs was 60, the biggest in many years. It was a great time for members to network and forge friendships with people from other CCCs. It was also an occasion to reflect on issues in our faith.

As such, the theme this year was Laudato Si, the second encyclical of Pope Francis, which discusses environmental degradation and strategies for mitigation. The guest speaker was Father Chris Cauchi, the chaplain for the Newman Centre in Toronto.

No local visit would be complete without a Singspiration session, as well as a sharing session by our recently-minted GT 2016 committee.

Of course, there were group photographs and selfies as well.

And after mass, we all had a fantastic Korean dinner at the Seor Ak San restaurant.

And how could you forget about the Squirrels of Toronto? Cuter and a lot more sociable than the ones in Kingston.
"One day I was walking across the field and I saw this huge pine nut. I ran towards it, only for it to be snatched away by my brother. Jokes on him, I found an even bigger one today and I've got to say that it's really tasty."