Friday, February 19, 2016

QCCC Goes to JU16 Retreat - Encounter!

QCCC's "delegates" to JU16 this  year. 
The JU Winter Retreat has been an annual tradition for as many years as we can remember. This year was no exception, when members of the the different CCCs gathered at Mill Stream Bible Camp over the Family Day weekend. This year's theme was "Encounter", and proved to be a dramatic departure from the lighthearted retreats of previous years. 

Throughout the retreat, we listened to five speakers chronicling their struggles in their relationship with God, many of which were sobering and tear-jerking. After each testimony was a session of whole-hearted discussion based on the topic of the testimony. Personally, it was gratifying to see everyone being so open and willing to share their thoughts and experiences, even if they were not the most pleasant. 
Fr. Toby Collins
Of course, every retreat has a guest speaker, and this year, it is no other than Father Toby Collins, a Resurrectionist who hails from Waterloo. He shared his life experiences and previous careers, relating them to the themes of this retreat, ultimately showing us that even priests are human in nature, and not infallible. 

Other staples of the retreat included the oh-so-wonderful Singspiration, led by LCCC, and Eucharistic Adoration. No retreat would be complete without either of these. 

With all the friends that we've made, and caught up with, we were all refreshed and ready to set out for the rest of reading week, having made a true Encounter with God. 
Big JU family photo