Saturday, December 5, 2015

All Wrapped Up for the Semester!

It's in December. It's an annual tradition. It's hosted by QCCC. What is it? It's Christmas Cell!
Partially eaten food. Whoops, forgot to take a picture right at the beginning.
As with previous years, we hosted a sumptuous potluck featuring dishes cooked and prepared by our own chefs, including the traditional secret recipe escargots. Father Raymond also came by to say hi, while watching us compete to win mystery gifts, varying from that of a dish sponge to a shower cap. 
Hi there, Father Raymond!

Fleeing after "stealing" a present. 
Another tradition at Christmas Cell is the Secret Santa, in which we had fun guessing the giver of gifts and admiring the uniqueness of the gifts given. This year's gifts included onesies, mugs, David's Tea, flasks and Chopin CDs.
Nice and warm onesie. We should've a onesie party for Secret Cell (heehee).
Mr Men mug - the colourful characters from those childhood books
are so nostalgic.
Note: That DSLR wasn't a gift. 
Chopin CDs!
For the first time in recent memory, we also had Christmas Caroling too!
The in-house guitarist.
Of course, we always end with group photos, so here are this year's ones.
The standard "formal" shot.
And the shenanigans shot. 
It has been a great [calendar] year QCCC! Here's cheers to another great year ahead, and for QCCC's upcoming 25th anniversary!

The QCCC '15-16 Team.