Saints are Holy Men and Women in Heaven who have been canonized by the Holy Catholic Church. Before canonization, they must be beatified ("Blessed"), which requires the performance of one miracle. However, the additional process of canonization is usually very extensive because several requirements must be made before the man or woman is proclaimed a saint:

  1. There must be two verifiable postmortem (after death) miracles performed, and
  2. Evidence that they lived exemplary Christian lives with goodness and virtues, died heroically (martyrdom), or undergone a major conversion of heart from an immoral life to an outstanding holy life. 
We do not pray or worship saints, but rather ask for their intercession. Each saint has a patronage--something that they are the patron saint for--and we ask for the appropriate saint's intercession for whatever troubles come our way. Jesus tells us to live Christlike lives and live as virtuous people, because one day, we may too become saints. 

QCCC is introducing Saintspiration, where one different saint will be introduced at our weekly cells. We will share briefly what these saints teach us, what their patronage is, and conclude by asking that saint to pray for us. At the end of the year, we will have a Communion of Saints which will be praying for us. Check here every week to see which saints we previously talked about!

Saintspiration 2013-2014: 

(1) St. Angela Merici: patron saint of the sick, handicapped, and loss of parents
Cell Themes: building community, how to overcome obstacles and personal handicaps 

(2) St. Joan of Arc: patron saint of martyrs, prisoners, soldiers, and military personnel
Cell Themes: superheroes, making sacrifices as messengers of Christ

(3) St. Vincent Ferrer: patron saint of builders, and construction workers
Cell Themes: building and growing of faith, unity, and trust

(4) All Saints
Cell Themes: All Saints' Day, Halloween, communication

(5) St. Thomas Aquinas: patron saint of academics, students, universities, and philosophers
Cell Themes: Biblical knowledge, educating others about our faith

(6) St. Albert Magnus: patron saint of students, philosophers, natural sciences and medical technicians.
Cell Themes: Student life as a journey, the natural beauty of our world.

Saintspiration 2015-2016: 

(1) St. Lucy: patron saint of the blind
Cell themes: Christ as the light in our life, guiding us in our darkest hours

(2) St Francis de Sales: patron saint of the deaf, writers, journalists
Cell themes: communicating with God through prayer and interpreting signs

(3) .....
(4) ..... 
Pray for us!