Queen’s Chinese Catholic Community
Constitution (Last Updated March 8, 2015)

Article I – Club’s Name: Queen’s Chinese Catholic Community (QCCC)

Article II – Objectives:

i.      To share the Catholic faith with the students of Queen’s University and community of Kingston
ii.     To provide support to Chinese Catholics and all members through weekly gatherings, faith sharing, discussion, games, prayer and song
iii.    To follow the Catholic mission of spreading our faith and outreach to all through charitable work
iv.   To be a source of unity and support to the Joint University Chinese Catholic Community (JUCCC), a network of CCCs from other Ontario universities. Various events are held throughout the year.
v.    To dialogue continuously with all other campus groups, particularly religious groups

Article III – Affiliation with the Alma Mater Society (A.M.S.):

The constitution of the A.M.S. shall take precedence over this constitution. In particular, the following sections of the A.M.S. Constitution shall be recognized: 2.01.03, 7.01, and 7.02.

Article IV – Membership:

Full members of the club shall consist of any student or faculty member of Queen’s University, and those interested in the Kingston community.

Full A.M.S. members have the right to vote at the meetings of the General Assembly, seek nomination and be elected to an Executive office.

Article V – Structure of the Executive Committee:

The Executive Committee consists of volunteers. Volunteers must currently be members. Of the volunteers, the following Executive Officers are appointed annually by the president and vice-president(s) of the previous academic year:

1.            President
2.            Music Coordinator
3.            Community Outreach
4.            Local Representative
5.            Campus Relations
6.            Logistics Coordinator
7.            Advisor (optional)
8.            General Executive (optional)

The Executive Officers and committee members have such powers and duties as are assigned to them by the constitution and as may be delegated to them from time to time by resolution of the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee serve as such without remuneration and no Officers shall directly or indirectly receive any profits from their positions as such.

The term of office for all Officers shall end on the 30th day of April each year.

Article VI – Duties of the Executive Officers:

1. President
The President is expected to represent QCCC officially and be responsible to ex-officio for all public relations. They are expected to oversee all subcommittees and general administrative duties, execute good judgment, resolve issues, make final decisions, help co-ordinate all QCCC activities, look after the QCCC e-mail account on a regular basis, and attend all executive meetings. He or she maintains all financial records and receives donations from QCCC meetings, presents a financial statement every term to the Executive committee, and proposes budgets for any funding opportunities. The Co-presidents must be baptized Catholics in full communion with the Catholic Church.

2. Music Coordinator
The Music Coordinator is responsible for coordinating music for all general meetings, prison visits, and any other events where music is required. He or she is responsible for keeping and organizing QCCC music resources such as lyrics and musical scores. He or she is also encouraged to facilitate musical participation.

3. Community Outreach
The Community Outreach Officer is responsible for organizing opportunities for QCCC to volunteer in the larger Queen's and Kingston community, such as prison visits.

4. Local Representative
The Local Representative is to liaise with the Joint University Chinese Catholic Community (JUCCC) as well as helping to coordinate and promote annual campus visits to other CCCs and the annual JUCCC Retreat.

 5. Campus Relations
The Campus Relations Officer is responsible for maintaining contact with other campus groups and organizing joint events with these groups, notably in the Christian community. He or she will also be responsible for seeking opportunities for interreligious dialogue on campus.

6. Logistics Coordinator
The Logistics Coordinator is responsible for completing QCCC’s applications for participation in the Sidewalk Sale, Queen’s in the Park, Tricolour Open House and other events involving AMS clubs. He or she is responsible for applying for club grants, re-ratification of the club and giving notice to other executives regarding upcoming AMS club workshops. He or she is responsible for all space bookings and equipment rental and for the allocation, supervision, and maintenance of all QCCC equipment.

7. Advisor (optional)
The Advisor is responsible for overseeing the duties of the other newly-appointed executives and providing guidance where necessary. The Advisor should have at least three years of prior experience in the Executive Committee. 

8. General Executive (optional)
The General Executive member is responsible for participating in the planning of cell gatherings every Friday, as well as providing help (as needed) to other executive members for various duties during the year which include but are not limited to joint university events, music co-ordination and volunteer visits. This is an entry-level position that helps the executive determine potential roles of interest for the years to come.

Article VII – Duties of the Executive Committee:

The Executive Committee shall:
a.            Hold its first meeting before the end of September and thereafter every one to two weeks as deemed necessary
b.            Carry on the business of the community within the limitations of this constitution and its bylaws
c.            Regularly seek the wishes of QCCC members and always strive to honor them faithfully

Article VIII – Provisions for the Constitution of QCCC:

1. Executive Committee Structure:
a) A General Meeting explaining the roles of the Executive Committee must be held every year before the last week of March for those interested in executive positions
b) The current and outgoing Co-presidents will appoint each position and contact each new executive committee member to confirm their interest in the executive position. No formal interviews will be conducted.
c) All Executive Committee members are strictly volunteers
d) All Executive Committee members are hired based on their regular attendance, commitment, and participation in weekly club activities. All Executive Committee members must have been active members of the club for at least two semesters prior to being hired.

2. Executive Committee Transitions:
a) The succeeding Executive Officers shall request the serving Executive Committee for all necessary files and financial records before the 30th of April

3. Financial Records
a) All funds are located in a community service account at HSBC
b) All incoming funds shall be used solely to fulfill the objectives of the community as stipulated by this constitution

Article IX – AMS Assembly
The AMS Assembly, as the highest legislative body representing students at Queen’s, constitutes the ultimate source of authority for the Queen’s Chinese Catholic Community. Moreover, it can set up ad hoc committees with specific terms of reference to investigate financial matters and report to its next meeting.

Article X – A.M.S. Affiliation:

The A.M.S. Assembly, as the highest legislative body representing students at Queen’s, constitutes the ultimate source of authority for the QCCC. Moreover, it can set up ad hoc committees with specific terms of reference to investigate financial matters and report to its next meeting.

Article XI – Funding
1.            In accordance with section 7.02 of the AMS constitution, the Queen’s Chinese Catholic Community recognizes it is eligible to receive either or both student activity fees and Assembly grants. Eligibility for receiving Club Grants shall be restricted to those student organizations receiving funding from neither student activity fees nor Assembly Grants. Any funding received from the Society shall be spent for the purpose for which it was requested.
2.            The Queen’s Chinese Catholic Community shall be eligible to fundraise and to receive donations. Fundraising efforts and donations in excess of $5,000 shall in all cases to be coordinated through the AMS Advancement and Development Officers and the Queen’s University Office of Advancement business office.

Article XII – Amendments:

This constitution shall be reviewed annually and any amendments shall be immediately presented to the A.M.S. for approval, through the Commission of Internal Affairs.