Friday, November 21, 2014

Our Lady of Medjugorje

In the summer of 2014, one of our very own QCCC members, Janice, travelled to Medjugorje for the annual Youth Festival. Along with some interesting stories of Our Lady of Medjugorje and great memories, Janice brought back souvenirs blessed by some local priests! Through Janice's personal reflection and sharing of her journey, we learned about the love our heavenly mother and how it pours onto us every day. As one of the prayer cards states, "If you knew how much I love you, you would cry for joy". We will undoubtedly face challenges and anxieties in our every day lives. Especially during these difficult times, may we learn to turn to Mary and ask for her grace and intercession. Through her, our love and relationship with Christ will grow stronger, and our journeys of faith will be guided by their footsteps. 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Welcome to the Family

♫ Welcome to the family
We’re glad that you have come
To share your life with us
As we grow in love
And may we always be to you
What God would have us be
A family always thereTo be strong and to lean on ♫

The beginning of the school year is an especially exciting time for QCCC. We get the chance to reconnect with our QCCC family and welcome new brothers and sisters into our very special community. As a bonus, the delicious curry fishball tradition is kept alive every first cell of the year, attracting people from all across campus.

The lyrics of the song "Welcome to the Family" is an excellent summary of what the QCCC family is all about. QCCC is very special because we truly rely on one another during our time here at Queen's. Our relationships with one another are strengthened through our common goal of discovering ourselves and our faith. Flooded by His blessings, we grow to love one another more each day, and soon discover that there will always be people beside us to lean on.

To our new family members, QCCC is very blessed to have you join us as we walk our journey of faith together. May God fill your hearts with peace and many blessings.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

QCCC 藉他的愛Set the World on Fire!

The Eastern Canadian Chinese Catholic Living Camp (ECCCLC), often known as Ga Tung (GT, 加東) is the the main annual highlight of young Chinese Catholics living in Ontario and Montreal. This year, QCCC had a great turnout at the camp, and we had our own Oil Thigh photo to prove it. 

The theme of this year's GT is "藉他的愛Set the World on Fire". Through talks given by our awesome speaker, Brother Edmund Lo, and various reflections and activities, we discovered how to listen and discern God's voice through the Examen prayer and Ignatian Contemplation, make sound decisions and actions, and live a healthy Catholic lifestyle as witness of our Faith.

QCCC is glad to see the immense dedication that the Chinese youth have put into their faith. Our own members were involved in roles such as liturgy, house team, music and media. Kudos to one of our alumni, Mikey, for being the guitarist for the two campfire nights!

Our own chaplain, Father Raymond, even made a guest appearance during one of the mornings. He had much praise to express in his latest article in the Catholic Register which you can read here .

We hope everyone had a great time at GT and had a great summer. We hope to see all of you back at Newman House starting this upcoming Friday! Three cheers to curry fishballs!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Ok Bye.

I haven’t even started writing and I’m already tearing up…

The day we will all eventually experience one day (well, another four years for some…JANICE!) has finally come. It’s the most bittersweet cell for QCCC; lots of food, lots of laughs, and a few tears shed. As all our members and a few of our alumni gather officially together as QCCC for the last time this year, we part farewell to our beloved graduates, Steph, Gillian, and Leivin. As per QCCC tradition, our members put together a goodbye song, and warm and fuzzy scrapbooks of memories for our grads.

We concluded our bittersweet night with a personal year-end sharing from each of our members. We talked about our journey of faith, the struggles faced in school and personal life, our first time at a QCCC cell, and how we have all grown so much in our faith this year. We heard words of encouragement from our graduates and alumni, and spoke about how much the QCCC family means to some of us.

As the school year comes to an end and our graduates depart, we recalled all the saints we introduced to QCCC Saintspiration this year. We called on them and asked for their intercession for the many different aspects of our lives.

With the closing prayer said and all our intentions brought up, we continue to pray for our graduates as they embark on their future endeavours. We wish them the best and that God may shine His light on them every step of the way.

Blinded By His Blessings

As our highly anticipated friends and visitors from Toronto stepped foot into Newman House, the room was suddenly filled with the familiar aroma of GT. What does GT smell like? You’ll have to find out yourselves at GT 2014 in early September! 

There was no better way to show how much we are blinded by God’s blessings every day than for the entire GT Committee to drive three hours to Kingston to share a night of laughs, sharing, and reflection with us.

Our activity tonight required some careful treading as we experienced searching for others behind a blindfold. This very disability alone reminds us how much we take our gift of sight, and all the small things we have for granted. We receive so many blessings every day of our lives, and we often get blinded by them and forget about the source of all our blessings. Students and those in the work force are often overwhelmed with school or an extremely quick-paced schedule that they forget to leave some time for God and prayer. It’s important to reflect not only on our suffering and personal struggles, but also on all the blessings of happiness, friends, and family that God has granted us with.

Sometimes we face very difficult times and we ask why our loving and merciful God is putting us through it. We have to remember that God works on a completely different schedule and has a unique plan for each one of us. His plan for us isn’t always the way we want it, and His blessings are truly in disguise sometimes.