Thursday, October 27, 2016

Crown of Roses

In honour of October being the Month of the Rosary, we decided to do a feature cell on our dearest Mother Mary last week.

For the first activity, we had to piece together parts of sentences of various special facts about Mary. Fun fact: If you didn't know, The Immaculate Conception refers to Mary herself, and not the conception of Jesus!

Deep in thought....

*promo for our cool sweaters*

After our 'puzzling' activity, we shared our personal anecdotes about what the rosary meant to us, and connected over the joys of praying the rosary. For the past week, our live it out challenge was to pray the rosary, and to ponder on how our relationship with Mary helps us grow closer to God.

Since we had a cell that focused on Mary and the Rosary, this week we're focusing on All Saints Day as it will be celebrated on November 1st. So, come join us tomorrow night at 7PM, for a night "All About Them Saints"! ;)

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

QCCC Social: Homecoming Concert!

For Homecoming 2016, we decided to do something a little different for cell. Dan School of Drama and Music held a Showcase Concert at the BEAUTIFUL Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts, so we decided to have our first QCCC Social Night of the year by enjoying classy performances by our talented peers. 

As the Isabel is situated by the lake, we had a spectacular view to start off the night....

And inside, it looked a little bit like this....

Okay, it actually looked like this....

Isn't it absolutely gorgeous?! We're definitely going to come back sometime....
As an added bonus, the Symphony Ensemble ended off the night with an orchestral arrangement of..... the Oil Thigh! Hope everyone enjoyed homecoming as much as we did!

Come join us for our next cell, this Friday at 7PM, at our usual spot! See you then! ;)

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Miracles on 192 Frontenac St.

This week, we decided to journey back in time to a time when miracles occurred! 

For the first activity, we sorted definitions about miracles in order of most to least importance and watched testimonial videos on people who had experienced miracles in their lives. The next semi-physical activity of the night required our members to choose sides of the room depending whether we think certain situations and scenarios (given on the little sheets of paper) are miracles.

Hilarious conversations and reasonings came up, and we all got to learn more about what it means for an event to be considered as a miracle!

As per our weekly cell tradition, we ended off the night with lovely singing from our members!

It's crazy to think that next week is already Week 5 of the school year, and we've only just started to settle in. Unfortunately we do not have a cell for this Friday, as Thanksgiving is around the corner... but we'll definitely be around NEXT Friday. Come visit us then! :)

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving from our little QCCC family!

Always thankful for the support and the love. 

Thursday, September 29, 2016

First Official Cell: Fellowship of the Ring...s!

Did someone say FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING? This week our cell was slightly.... Lord of the Rings themed! We had a fun activity that required teamwork to journey to Mount Doom in order to bring our rings to the glorified glass bowl. We had our rings and our members (who each had various challenges and responsibilities) journey on the fuzzy blankets to reach our goal.


One of our members had a balloon between her legs and had to cross the whole way through to Mount Doom without dropping it! Talk about skill!

Almost to the end!

So why did we choose Fellowship of the Rings as our theme? That is because we wanted to focus on what makes QCCC so important to all of us, and what it means to be in a fellowship.

I spy with my little eye... words on a white board that have to do with the meaning of "fellowship"!
Oh deer, just look at that masterpiece!

So we have discussed and agreed, that fellowship is an important part of any group, but especially in our little QCCC family. We learned that there are 3 types of people we find at fellowships: mentors, peers and mentees. Having these people in our lives enrich our knowledge of the faith, and we grow together. Heres to many more moments and opportunities to grow together in faith. 

See you guys at our next cell! 

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Open House: Welcome Home! ♡

After a week of various recruitment events while tanning under the sun at Sidewalk Sale to give FREE HUGS, we finally had our Open House Cell at our home away from home, Newman House!

We started off the night with our usual "weekly" sharing as we got to catch up with each other on our respective summer adventures.

Our first activity was an icebreaker that involved a beautiful blanket as our curtain, and we had everyone split on two teams to learn each others names!

Waiting for the curtain to drop....


We also played Telestrations and definitely got a lot of laughs out of the final products of each sentence... This game is essentially broken telephone but through drawings and sentences. For example, we had one sentence that said "Do you want to build a snowman?" and at the end of the round, it evolved into "Olaf got impaled"! 

Everyone was hard at work, drawing and writing to present to the next person!

The sharing of the final sentences is the best part of the game!

As with our annual tradition of Curry Fish Balls, we sang "Shine Jesus Shine" and our star song, "Only Hope" for Singspiration! We definitely had an amazing time with our new members joining our little "home and away from home", QCCC family.