Wednesday, January 18, 2017

New Year, New.... DOVE?

Happy New Year everyone! We had our first cell of 2017 last Friday, and we did something in honour of the new year. It may sound cliche, but we came up with our new year's FAITH resolutions!

Keeping up with new year's resolutions are not easy, and starting small is a good first step to reaching your goal. Having a physical item be within sight is always a good reminder, and that's why we decided to fold origami doves as our keepsake, to write our new year's FAITH resolutions on! 

Doves represent a lot in our religion, and one of the meanings include: divine guidance. The dove will be guiding you throughout the year to remind you of your promise to yourself, and hopefully it'll serve as a good way to help improve your faith.

It took us a while to get it down (there were over 30 steps...), but we folded our doves and shared our respective resolutions. Presenting... our family of "resolution doves"! 

So, start with a small resolution today, and conquer bigger things tomorrow. What are your New Year's FAITH resolutions? Let us know! :)