Saturday, January 18, 2014

Renewal for a New Year

What better way to start the night off with a paper bag of QCCC love? Cookies for everyone! 

As we unfold into the New Year, we learned about St. John the Baptist and reminded ourselves the meaning behind Baptism. Baptism is the first Sacrament we receive and is a symbol of renewal, cleansing, and peace. It is important to be reminded of this Blessed Sacrament frequently because through our Baptismal vows, we get closer to God. As Catholics, we are called to live each day sharing Jesus’ love with others. God picked us each by hand to enter His family, and it is our role to make this large family grow by strengthening our relationship with everyone we encounter on our faith journey.

As Singspiration ended with us “trading our sorrows” and “trading our sickness”, we traded all that bad stuff for a pleasant birthday surprise. We surprised our Supreme Leader Janice with the ultimate combination: mocha cake, with iced mocha to drink, and a lot of QCCC love. Our very first QCCC gif was also born on this very special day.

We somehow ended the night with a very long and intense conversation about all the awesome TV shows and Disney movies we watched as kids. 

Brings a tear to my eye… :’)

QCCC Board Games Night

“Uh…that thing that…you know…ugh…this one’s too hard…PASS!”

After a very frosty Christmas break in the GTA for many of us, QCCC kicked off our first cell of 2014 with a board games night! This allowed for a more relaxed evening (unless you were scheming something in Saboteur, or frustrated with Taboo) and a good bonding time for the QCCC family. The night helped us to ease into second semester a little less stressfully. Time really flies when we’re having fun!

Christmas Potluck and Secret Santa!

QCCC celebrated the coming of Jesus with our annual Christmas potluck and social in December. This year was especially special because we broke many years of QCCC tradition and changed the location from Newman House to Angela House! The warm and cozy atmosphere with Christmas decorations, smell of food baking in the oven, and super comfy couches allowed everyone to spend their night feeling cheerful and at home. The night was filled with laughs as we played card games, charades, and caught up with some our very own QCCC alumni. 
After food filled our tummies and escargot clogged our arteries (mmm.. grease!), we shared our love with our QCCC family in a much anticipated Secret Santa gift exchange. Gifts ranged from board games to fuzzy slippers to books, and to personalized wine. These thoughtful gifts really filled our hearts with warmth, and reminded us of the spirit of giving.
We would like to especially thank our alumni for coming back for our Christmas cell despite their busy schedules. They continue to support us after their time here at Queen’s, and show us that the flame of QCCC continues to ignite in their hearts. QCCC is not only a community, but also a family that will live alongside us forever.