Sunday, July 7, 2013

Summer Cell 2013: "My Bucket List for Heaven"

We have to-do lists for the day, to-do's for the week, to-do's for the year... but how often do we think about the things we want to do to grow in our relationship with God and with others?

Wait...well, we can't jump into deep reflection without easing our hunger first, right? The evening began with frisbee tossing and an awesome dinner. Who knew so many of us were great cooks?!

After dinner we split off into small groups and reflected on our short and long term to-do lists, and then we developed our spiritual to-do list. What would be on yours? After some group sharing, we each wrote spiritual to-do's and encouragements for others and placed them in little colourful jars to take home. During this summer, we hope to accomplish some of these items.

The night couldn't end without some music from our two talented first-time worship leaders. Bravo!

 Can't do without a group picture of course.

 And a silly one!

Thanks for making it to summer cell, our in-coming, current, and alumni QCCCers! Enjoy the rest of the summer :)

Prayers for all of you!