Friday Cell

Weekly Cell Meetings

When? Every Friday @ 7:00pm
Where? Newman House (192 Frontenac St)

What is a Cell?

The term cell group is derived from biology: the cell is the basic unit of life in a body. In a metaphorical sense, just as a body is made up of many cells that give it life, the Church is made of cell groups that give it life. While worshipping with a congregation is a significant part of the Catholic faith, getting together with friends and trying to learn and worship in our own small way is equally important. We need other cells, tissues, organs, the entire body to function, but it still goes back to this smallest unitthe cell. The cell is also a compartmentalized entity with individual organelles that have specialized functions. That's why every person that attends is so important! We need each and every person to work together, help each other, and learn from each other in order for the cell to function.

Cell Group Composition

Cell groups are made of small numbers of Christians, and led by cell leaders. Members may be in the same cell group because of common locality, schools or interests. Cell meetings are usually not conducted in the church sanctuary, but in any of the members' homes, rooms in the church building or other third-party venues.We meet every Friday at 7pm in Newman House, the Catholic chaplaincy here at Queen's.

What do we do during cell?

A typical cell gathering consists of sharing where everyone is free to share about their week, an interactive game or activity, a time for reflection or small group discussion, and music.

What about special cells?

Special cells are... special! Look forward to "secret" cell, where we take you to a secret location (shh!). We end the first semester with our big Christmas cell which consists of Secret Santa and a gigantic potluck. And we cannot forget Last cell at the end of April to bid farewell to our graduates!