Thursday, October 27, 2016

Crown of Roses

In honour of October being the Month of the Rosary, we decided to do a feature cell on our dearest Mother Mary last week.

For the first activity, we had to piece together parts of sentences of various special facts about Mary. Fun fact: If you didn't know, The Immaculate Conception refers to Mary herself, and not the conception of Jesus!

Deep in thought....

*promo for our cool sweaters*

After our 'puzzling' activity, we shared our personal anecdotes about what the rosary meant to us, and connected over the joys of praying the rosary. For the past week, our live it out challenge was to pray the rosary, and to ponder on how our relationship with Mary helps us grow closer to God.

Since we had a cell that focused on Mary and the Rosary, this week we're focusing on All Saints Day as it will be celebrated on November 1st. So, come join us tomorrow night at 7PM, for a night "All About Them Saints"! ;)