Thursday, September 29, 2016

First Official Cell: Fellowship of the Ring...s!

Did someone say FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING? This week our cell was slightly.... Lord of the Rings themed! We had a fun activity that required teamwork to journey to Mount Doom in order to bring our rings to the glorified glass bowl. We had our rings and our members (who each had various challenges and responsibilities) journey on the fuzzy blankets to reach our goal.


One of our members had a balloon between her legs and had to cross the whole way through to Mount Doom without dropping it! Talk about skill!

Almost to the end!

So why did we choose Fellowship of the Rings as our theme? That is because we wanted to focus on what makes QCCC so important to all of us, and what it means to be in a fellowship.

I spy with my little eye... words on a white board that have to do with the meaning of "fellowship"!
Oh deer, just look at that masterpiece!

So we have discussed and agreed, that fellowship is an important part of any group, but especially in our little QCCC family. We learned that there are 3 types of people we find at fellowships: mentors, peers and mentees. Having these people in our lives enrich our knowledge of the faith, and we grow together. Heres to many more moments and opportunities to grow together in faith. 

See you guys at our next cell!