Saturday, April 5, 2014

Ok Bye.

I haven’t even started writing and I’m already tearing up…

The day we will all eventually experience one day (well, another four years for some…JANICE!) has finally come. It’s the most bittersweet cell for QCCC; lots of food, lots of laughs, and a few tears shed. As all our members and a few of our alumni gather officially together as QCCC for the last time this year, we part farewell to our beloved graduates, Steph, Gillian, and Leivin. As per QCCC tradition, our members put together a goodbye song, and warm and fuzzy scrapbooks of memories for our grads.

We concluded our bittersweet night with a personal year-end sharing from each of our members. We talked about our journey of faith, the struggles faced in school and personal life, our first time at a QCCC cell, and how we have all grown so much in our faith this year. We heard words of encouragement from our graduates and alumni, and spoke about how much the QCCC family means to some of us.

As the school year comes to an end and our graduates depart, we recalled all the saints we introduced to QCCC Saintspiration this year. We called on them and asked for their intercession for the many different aspects of our lives.

With the closing prayer said and all our intentions brought up, we continue to pray for our graduates as they embark on their future endeavours. We wish them the best and that God may shine His light on them every step of the way.