Saturday, April 5, 2014

Blinded By His Blessings

As our highly anticipated friends and visitors from Toronto stepped foot into Newman House, the room was suddenly filled with the familiar aroma of GT. What does GT smell like? You’ll have to find out yourselves at GT 2014 in early September! 

There was no better way to show how much we are blinded by God’s blessings every day than for the entire GT Committee to drive three hours to Kingston to share a night of laughs, sharing, and reflection with us.

Our activity tonight required some careful treading as we experienced searching for others behind a blindfold. This very disability alone reminds us how much we take our gift of sight, and all the small things we have for granted. We receive so many blessings every day of our lives, and we often get blinded by them and forget about the source of all our blessings. Students and those in the work force are often overwhelmed with school or an extremely quick-paced schedule that they forget to leave some time for God and prayer. It’s important to reflect not only on our suffering and personal struggles, but also on all the blessings of happiness, friends, and family that God has granted us with.

Sometimes we face very difficult times and we ask why our loving and merciful God is putting us through it. We have to remember that God works on a completely different schedule and has a unique plan for each one of us. His plan for us isn’t always the way we want it, and His blessings are truly in disguise sometimes.