Monday, September 23, 2013

The Heart of QCCC: Building a Community

We always tell our new members that they don't have to be Chinese or Catholic in order to be a part of the QCCC family. However, a heart of community and a mindset of togetherness is essential for our growth. In our last cell, we demonstrated to one another the importance of community through an activity where everyone was assigned a physical disability as well as a handicapped partner. With our handicaps, we need the support of others to help us in areas where we are weak. Likewise, we need to support others in areas where they are incapable. We reflected on how we can overcome our daily obstacles whether it is by ourselves, with our friends and family, with QCCC, or with God. From this, we learned that it is often difficult to face challenges on our own, and that is why QCCC is always here with an open heart and open arms to accept and love everyone who comes our way. We are a family to lean on when you feel weak or abandoned.

The message was strengthened by the Story of the Butterfly, and we learned that God will give us challenges and obstacles only so we can grow stronger and taller, but He will never challenge us in ways we cannot overcome.

We concluded the night with Saintspiration on St. Angela Merici (patron saint of the sick and handicapped) and of course Singspiration (with an encore of QCCC's version of "I Knew You Were Trouble" eeeeekk!!)
Remember, we're always here for you to lean on!