Monday, September 30, 2013

Pow! Bam! Superhero Jam!

Nananananana BATMAN!

In our last cell, we displayed our teamwork and superhero qualities as we raced across the dangerous peanut butter river on floating fruits! Our QCCC superheroes showed strength, perseverance, and leadership as we piggy-backed and carried our sidekicks over to the other side.

There are many modern day superheroes as well as people in our lives who we look up to as superheroes. Jesus calls upon us to act as superheroes in our daily lives. When we reach out to people who are lost in their faith, when we are there to support someone on a bad day, or when we help share other peoples' burdens, we act as superheroes in a special way. It is very important for everyone to act like superheroes so others in our community feel safe and loved.

Jesus and superheroes have many things in common; however, Jesus possesses additional qualities that we don't typically see in superheroes like Batman or Superman. Jesus died on the cross for his enemies and all those who persecuted him. On the other hand, we only see Hollywood superheroes endlessly fighting their enemies. We should take some time to reflect on the true way to deal with those who hurt us--the way Jesus would want to see us treat others. Jesus does not need weapons or use violence because He is the ultimate weapon sent down by God. His peace and love are enough to touch the hearts of everyone. He is the ultimate superhero in our lives, and we should live every day the way Jesus did.

We concluded the night with an interactive Saintspiration (with COOTIE CATCHERS!) on St. Joan of Arc, a saint who acted like a superhero before she was martyred. St. Joan of Arc teaches us to always put our faith in God, because He will always be with us through all our battles.