Monday, October 26, 2015

"What did you say...I mean, draw?"

Tonight at QCCC we played a mashup of broken telephone and pictionary! Pieces of paper with a single sentence were passed along so that the next person had to draw an image to represent the phrase. The next person would be tasked with summarizing the image in a sentence, and so on until the end of the page was reached. Needless to say, things unraveled rather quickly. "A hippo has a bubble bath" ended up as "an alien is about to abduct a cow" with some creatively interpretive images in between. We had some very eloquent writers, some very wonderful artists, and some...people that tried really hard.

Not only did this activity provide cause for rollicking humour, it also put into perspective the daunting task of communication with God. While prayer is the channel through which we speak to Him, it isn't always easy to know exactly what He says to us. God speaks to us through signs; like the images in the activity, we need to learn to take these signs and interpret them in a coherent way. And as the activity quickly showed, each person can have (sometimes a radically) different interpretation from one another. 

Of course, it wouldn't be a QCCC night without both Saintspiration and Singspiration. We learned about Saint Francis de Sales, the patron saint of the deaf (more on the importance of interpreting signs!), as well as writers and journalists. 

So remember to keep not only your ears and eyes open, but your heart as well. You never know when God might be sending a sign your way!