Sunday, October 14, 2012

Peanut Butter x Batman: Seeing the Christ Archetype in Popular Culture

People were confuzzled when we sent out our weekly email... what does peanut butter have to do with Batman?!

For those that came to cell last Friday, we played the Peanut Butter River game and watch some Batman movie clips. Sweet! Not to mention, we tied it all together with Fr. Robert Barron's response to the Christ archetype in media as the "Hero who saves." It is clear that we see Batman as the hero of Gotham, but a closer look at the themes of the movie point to a greater analogy, Jesus as the saviour of the world!

Missed out on cell this week? Don't fret! Here are the links to the videos that were watched and of course, a glimpse of what went down during our activity in our pictures.
The Dark Knight ending: &
Fr Barron's response to Dark Knight Rises:

Wasn't familiar with the singspiration songs we sang? Fear not again! Here are the links for them too. Learn them well! We will be revisiting these soon =)
Blessed Be Your Name:
Trading My Sorrows:

See everyone next week! <3

Whoa there, traffic jam!

Keeping balance, haha!

Slippity slidee!

Our heavenly pieces of toast that can save you from the mighty peanut butter river!